Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby You're A Firework

The Boys Before Church on the 4th of July
Happy late 4th of July to everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I ended up having a 5 day weekend. Unfortunately, the family I work for had a horrible tragedy and ended up closing the office for the rest of the week. It was a whirlwind of things to do, but I did get to spend some great time with the boys. On the Fourth, Jed and Becca had us over and they grilled out and made some homemade ice cream. It was delic! Baby Taylor mainly slept, but the boys were entertained by Elmo and the 10,000 toys that Joey brought over! :) Jed and James went fishing and I got some cleaning done and some projects accomplished I've been wanting to do. We had church that night, and then after went to Mom's and Dar Dar's to shoot some fireworks. Nothing big, but it was a lot of fun. The boys had a ton of fun throwing those things that make the noise??? have no idea what their called, but they were entertained anyways! 

Baby Taylor at Dar Dar's
Sideways Becca and the Boys!

The only pic I have of the actual fireworks.

Jed on Fire! :)

Joey's (and his demon eyes) with DFJ (a.k.a. Jeff)

Joey and Becca lining up the toys!

Sideways Becca and Joey
 Thursday me and the boys hung out and went to Target where of course the boys got a toy and I got a Starbucks, I mean, that's why you go to Target, right? But it was fun to get out for a bit and that Joey slept the whole way home.. thank you Lord! :) That night we went to Mark and Trish's for a FIESTA! :) They fixed all kinds of yummy mexican food and it was so much fun. The boys played outside and fished and us girl raided Mary's house for all her fabulous craft stuff! Then it started storming and we stayed way too late because we were too scared to get out in it! 
Baby Taylor at Mark and Trish's! Look at them fat little cheeks! :)

Okay.. sideways storm damage.. that was a massive tree that had fell over.
Friday me and the boys chilled at the house and played then when James got off he wanted to go to Huntsville, so we loaded up and went back to Jones Valley, ate some yummy Five Guys Grill and hit up Dick's sporting goods, Hobby Lobby and Target.. again! :) It was a nice night out. The weather had cooled down a bit so we weren't having a heat stroke! 

Joey being silly shopping

Sweet Jameson

Crazy Jameson and his "Popeye Face"

Jameson at Five Guys Grill.. trying to be good so he can get a prize at Target! :)

Another crazy Joey picture... i have a lot of these!
Saturday James went fishing with Michael and Chase so the boys and me had another day at home chillaxing. I got some sewing done, which was a lot of fun and Joey was so excited about his Mickey shirt and Elmo shirt. I made Jameson a Mickey shirt too, and he informed me that it was "lame, and for babies"! I thought I could cry!!! I mean.. he's 4!!! He's not suppose to be over Mickey Mouse!!! I'm 26 and I'm still not over Mickey Mouse!!!! So, after I got over my little breakdown, he decided he needed a Ben 10 shirt... sounds much easier than it is since their all complicated looking aliens. I finally decided to do him a plumber badge shirt.. if your kids watch it, you'll understand what I'm talking about.. The rest of the weekend was church and a crazy spur of the moment 3rd trip to Huntsville in 4 days just so Jed, James and Michael could eat Wings!!! :( Gag! But at least it was good company! So here are a few more pictures, because I'm picture crazy!!! .....

Before Church in their new outfits I made.

Joey my lame baby who loves his Mickey shirt!

And the best picture of all..even sideways.... Dad and Joey who stripped down and put on my old baby doll's clothes! :)