Friday, August 28, 2009


WARNING!!!! The horrid crooked little girl bangs that you see are not the product of want, just very bad circumstances! :) However, since it has been almost a week since the "incident" it is already looking quite different. Thankfully he has healthy hair that grows very quickly!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pictures, Again

Trying to get through the first year, so we're getting closer to the end now. Then we can upload all along so its not so overwhelming!


So, it was a beautiful Saturday morning. Cool fall breeze in the air. Jameson was playing and in the best mood to go and get his one year pictures (yes I know, very late on this) done at Saints. He arrived and looked adorable in his white monogrammed dressy outfit, barefoot playing on the fake stairs in the studio. He played with the bubbles and tickle monster games with Ms. Cherri while Mr. Bob took pictures that I'm sure will not be the least bit dissappointing per usual. But then the day took a turn for the worst. His horrible mother had scheduled him an appointment at the Spoiled Rockin Kiz Salon to get his first haircut so that he could watch a little movie and sit in a little train pedal car. When we arrived, the brillant owner decided to give us a girl that it was her first day who was also 6 -7 months pregnant to cut my child's hair for the first time. This of course was a deadly mistake. Its a little too gruesome to go through the details of the occurrence, but its safe to say that with a little time his hair will recover from the trauma! If we can bear the reminders we will try to post some pictures later this week, since we're hoping that it will look a little less like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber by then! So if you think about it, we ask that you try to say a prayer for little Jameson's hair! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Just Pictures

The page still doesn't seem to have enough Jameson! (not that there could ever be enough Jameson!)

Great Weekend Turned Into Two New Teeth!

I know that it is Wednesday, and traditionally that you should post about your weekend maybe on Monday, but I'm not too traditional! So, here goes..... We had a wonderful weekend. Friday I left work and me and James checked out a rental house that I like and he doesn't (that's usually the way it works), then we went to Huntsville and ate at the Bonefish Grill with Matt, Heather, and Little Miss Heidi. It was so good. My boss had given us a gift card for their months ago, and that was the first time we had gotten to use it. Heidi was hilarious! She has grown so much since the last time I seen her. She was playing and crawling and it was adorable. Her and Jameson had so much fun! We went to Barnes & Nobel, and of course per usual we were in there a while, and me and James both ended up with new books. Forget that I haven't finished my last one yet. Jameson got very tired, so we went on home while he slept. Dad is working second this month and since we are living with them we have to be very quiet on Saturday mornings so that he can sleep. This is almost an impossibility with Jameson, so we got up early and went to Chick-fil-A with him. He loved it. He eats his chicken mini's and then plays on the indoor playground. Chad was working so we got to chat with him for a while. When we finished breakfast playtime we drove down to the park at the Lake at let Jameson play on the swings and the play yard. He had a blast. He was very wore out though. We went home and he slept for a while. He started not feeling well that afternoon, and actually had a horrible fever. He kept putting his hands in his mouth, so I figured that he was just teething, but he was sick until Monday morning and from it all we have two big molar teeth in the back of his mouth! So, he has 12 teeth! It was hard on him, but he pulled it through! LOL! That was pretty much the weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Pictures

Not really a post, but I wanted to put some more pictures of Jameson up on the blog. Here are some miscelanious ones that I love. Hope you all enjoy too!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Homeless Harkins

Hello all! Welcome to the Harkins Family Blog! Just wanted a place to keep all of our events, thoughts, and just general miscellaneous! To catch everyone up, we have recently sold our home in Albertville and are currently residing with my parents in Guntersville while we decide if we're going to buy, build, or anything! It's great not having a long drive in the morning taking Jameson to Mom's and being about 1 minute away from the church, but that's about all that's great about it!!! Keeping myself, James, and Jameson who is going to be 14 months old and his massive toy collection and my massive shoe collection in one room has been quite interesting nonetheless. Thank goodness my parents built me a huge closet when I lived at home or we would not be surviving! Also, on another joyous note James has returned to work this week after breaking his knee and being out for 9 weeks. We are so thankful that he is doing better and back to work! We are just enjoying being first time parents and just being with Jameson in general. He's a mischievous bundle of constantly hyper joy! Thanks for visiting our blog spot! Please come back soon!