Monday, July 11, 2011

Running On Fumes!

Well it was another wonderful, go by wayyy too fast weekend at our house! Other than a quick trip to Jones Valley Friday to look at the mom/son proofs from the week before and a quick run in Target, because you always have to go in Target for something the rest of weekend was spent finishing up that oh so wonderful revival cleaning! Now on Monday morning after crazy cleaning everything from the ceilings (literally) to the floors and everything in between and getting a good two hours at the most of sleep last night (Thank you Joseph Marshall Harkins for the wonderful concert of how long and loud can Joey cry last night!) I am seriously running on fumes. Not even fumes.. probably just ashes at this point. I've went through all the coffee and I believe some Red Bull is calling my name! Thankfully I had all my work done up and not much to do today or I would really be in trouble! So I'm hoping for very sleepy children when I get home who want to go to bed at 6 tonight at not wake up til 6 in the am! ;) Yeah right!! Wishful thinking.. I know!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time Marches On

Well the weekend was even crazier than planned! Friday me, Jameson, Joey, Chelsea, and Hannah all loaded up and headed to Jones Valley at a very unreasonable hour of the morning, but hey, it was the only appointment I could get to have our mother/son pictures made. The boys did great! Jameson was a ham (who would have guessed??) and Joey tolerated them long enough to get through it! Of course the pictures of me with Joey look like I adopted a child, but that's okay! I think he's a cutie even if he does look exactly like his daddy!
Since they did so great we headed on over to "Target Wal-Mart" as Jameson calls it and got the boys a prize! We proceeded to Party City and Hobby Lobby trying to track down anything and everything Yo Gabba Gabba for Joey's 1st birthday part, but were very unsuccessful! I did find some really cute plates/napkins in the colors so I'm hoping I can find some YGG pieces online to fill it in and coordinate. After all this party hunting and picture taking we were of course famished so we headed on down to the Olive Garden for some fabulous soup, pasta and bread sticks! Yumo... no other words necessary! That evening my Uncle Bret and Aunt Teresa came and Mom, Dad, Me and the boys went to eat with them and hang out while James went fishing.
Saturday was moving day.. and no.. for the first time in forever, not for us! Andrea and Michael were moving into their new house which is so awesome so James lended some muscles and I lended some Wal-Mart running, food picking upper, organizational and unpacking skills. I was exhausted to say the very least. We went to go look at some more houses and then went home to crash. Sunday was finish everything up at the house day! I got up and fixed breakfast and nacho meat that I put in the crock pot, and finished cleaning. We had a couple more appointments to look at houses that afternoon so I got ready and went there. I fell in love with one of the houses and its actually the least expensive of all of the ones we've looked at and yes... that like NEVER happens! But I'm worried about my massive bedroom furniture fitting in the master, so we might go back sometime this week and try to measure some rooms. So we shall see!
That evening was Sis. Jean Cordell's visitation and after we went to that James went fishing with Chase and Jed so me and the boys headed on over to the Fortner Community Pool (hehehe) and took a dip in the cement pond. It was Joey's first time in a big pool and he loved it. I had to stay right with him because he kept trying to jump out of the float and thought it was so funny! Jameson was less scaredy this year and got out there in a float and was kicking all around as long as I was close by. We had a lot of fun, then it got too dark so we headed on back home. The boys slept great after that evening swimming and I guess I did too, because I woke up and it was about 12:30 in the morning and James was dragging in smelling like the lake! I rolled right back over and went back to sleep.
Sunday morning we woke up to hearing about another death in our church, Bro. Kenneth Fortner. I started making food for Sis. Jean's funeral (well Andrea's food, she doesn't have a stove yet! LOL!) and got it ready to go out to the kitchen before the funeral started. It was a very bittersweet weekend. Sis. Jean and Bro. Kenneth are both such losses for our church and will be greatly missed, but I am thankful that they are not suffering anymore. Its back to the fabulous B&B this morning although my bed was still calling my name as I was driving into work!