Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Days Like This

What I love the most is my heated seats!!!! Thank you Lord!!! Going from 80 degrees and getting thrown right into winter this week my wardrobe was not prepared for it, but thankfully my car has been!!! So thank you Lord for that fabulous heater and those wonderful heated seats!!! In the words of Bro. Charles... "I just wanted to throw that in!" Heheheee!

And thank you for Allison who had coffee ready when I got to work this morning and my fabulous Peppermint Mocha creamer that was waiting on me to make my cup of jo just perfect!

I am loving the colder weather though! This is definitely my time of year!!! I'm way too fat for the hot summer months! It makes me want to put up a Christmas tree and we're not even done with Halloween yet! But come November 1st... its on!!!! :)
Plus I get to wear all my cute pantyhose again!!! Yes, I know being excited about pantyhose is sad, but I love them and their SOOOOO cute, and in the past years where I have been preggo and not able to wear them and had to wear knee highs all the time and feeling constantly like they were rolling down like Thelma Harper.. I'm excited to be able to wear all my hose and tights! Now if I can just get James to get all my winter clothes out of storage!!! I hope its on his To Do list tonight! :)The colder weather and holiday upon us has also put me in major crafting/sewing mode which is my complete happy place. I made some Christmas Tree Ribbon shirts for my nieces that I'm really excited about that I plan on taking them at Thanksgiving and some fabric flower rings because I had way too much scrap material strips around to not do something with them! :) Also, I made a pumpkin ribbon for me... trying to decide to put it on a shirt or purse.

So I know this wasn't even worth reading and completely random so sorry for wasting your time! But hope you all have a Terrific Thursday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Halloween!

So I've really got my husband all into all my different traditions through the years and things that I wanted to do with our kids to have traditions with them. I'm really excited that he cares about these things because I love doing things and projects with the kids or taking them to special places that mean something to us. He decided to come up with a really cool tradition that I am really excited about!
His birthday of course is always two weeks before Halloween, so he thought it would be cool if every year on his birthday we would decorate and/or carve our pumpkins and make it a tradition. I want to give him kudos on this one because I thought it was really sweet he wanted to spend his birthday this way every year. So, last night we had our first pumpkin decorating James birthday night.
The boys had picked out pumpkin decorating kits at Target at the beach so we used them this year. They were very fitting to their personalities right now. Joey had a cookie monster pumpkin, but he didn't understand that the cookies were not real and got mad when he couldn't eat them, and Jameson got iron man... need I say more! :) Of course I attached pictures!!
On a totally different note it looks like it is our last day of warm weather today. I am excited about the cooler weather and the onset of boots, turtlenecks, sweaters and corduroy! Yes.. of course my excitement revolves around fashion.... Duh!
And now to get to work! That is if I can stop pintresting long enough to do it!
Its just so addictive!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday James!!!!

So, it's Monday..... all over again!
What is up with that??

But it is also James birthday!!!! 29th to be exact! So I have one more year before I am officially married to an old man! :) of course technically I already am married to an old man since all he ever wants to do is go fishing and his grey hairs have tripled in the past six months! Of course that could have something to do with living with my parents........ but we won't go there! :)
So Happy Happy Birthday James!!!!!

It was an insane week/weekend for us. After being sick most of the week I was running on fumes for the weekend. Thursday and Friday was Tim and Becky's birthdays so we all fixed and went and hung out over there on Friday night. The boys got to play with Heidi so you know they had a blast. Saturday was cleaning and laundry morning followed by Carson's birthday party, Wal-mart run, then barely get home in enough time to get ready for church! Bro. Shirley was there Saturday night and Bro. Jimmy Sunday and they both did so wonderful! Of course I'm sure that went without saying cause they always do well. But I really enjoyed them and they were very encouraging after having a rather discouraging time lately.

The highlight of the weekend had to be Carson's party! They had one of those big blow up slides rented and the boys LOVED it!!! Jameson was a little scaredy at first (of course.. he is my child) but once he got the hang of it we basically didn't see him again until it was time for cake! :) Joey had no fear and climbed up the steps and was sliding as much as we would let him! They were all so cute on it! And they took wonderful hour and a half long naps once we left... Thank you Kris!!! :)

So thank goodness its fall break and PJ is off hanging out with his kids,
so I can at least loaf a little bit here at work!
Especially since I've got play practice tonight so rest will have to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to Reality

Well its back to the grindstone today. Of course we have hit the ground running in the reality train for sure!!! We got back home about 9:30 last night and did as little unpacking as was necessary and getting things ready for Aunt Pam to watch the boys today and tomorrow since Mom and Dad are in Savannah on vacation. And what is up with this weather?? I come back to FALL!!! Not that I don't love it, but I had gotten quite use to my flip flops and sunshine at the beach and it's stinking freezing here! So, having to adjust to that!!! Jameson was so excited to be home because he kept telling me how much he missed his toys!!! :) Joey didn't really seem to care one way or the other except for to be getting out of the car!

I was beyond exhausted which is the understatement of the century, and James left for work this morning and his car has broke down about a mile from work! Not the call you want to get at 5 in the morning!!! Thankfully someone he worked with was behind him and he was able to leave his car at a church there and he took him onto work. So, tonight will be filled with car fixing I'm afraid!

However, things were not too insane at the office while I was gone which I am SO thankful for! I'm trying to wrap up some loose ends before the doing the ever dreaded and awful balance of the checkbook after vacation!!! I thought I better blog before this venture or I will have nothing positive to say and will be in a horrid mood for the rest of the week I'm sure! :)

The rest of our trip was really fabulous though. The boys had a great time. We got some sun, James got to fish, and I got to shop! I mean.. who could ask for more?? Plus in the midst of this vacation we were married 6 years! So congrats to us for putting up with each other that long!!! Which reminds me.. Happy Birthday Kay and Ken! I know you had to be 17 the day before our anniversary! :) And Happy Birthday Little Ms. Heidi who turned 3 the day after!

More beach pictures to come.. i know.. surprised right?? LOL! But what's a vacation or event without 10,000 pictures to document it! Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday and apparently its Happy Fall Ya'll!!!