Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Well I heard some fabulous Lynyrd Skynyrd on the way to work this morning, and normally I have to change it because sometimes I just can't handle the Sweet Home Alabama anthem, but this morning it was bittersweet to me. I had flashbacks of Joey singing it on numerous occasions, and was thinking how ironic that Alabama is our sweet homes now. I had this pic on my computer thanks to some of his classmates on FB. This was at their Senior Break Day after being dunked in the dunking booth several times, he decided to put his shirt back on soaking wet (notice the discoloration from the waist down) and was singing Crazy Train soaking wet in the midst of all those wires and power cords... idiot... why yes, yes he was! But we love him anyways.

Also, thinking about how nice it is to be in Sweet Home Alabama. Last night enjoying playing with my boys, riding them around in their wagon, Jameson riding his four-wheeler, and them swinging on Bullseye (a.k.a. the rubber tire horse swing, and since its a horse of course its referenced to as Bullseye!), then swinging on the wicker swing on the porch with my boys I was thinking how peaceful it is up here. Of course I took pics last night with my camera so I had to add them too, and if you can see past Jameson cheesin'.. yes I did realize the irony that my baby Joey also has on his Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt that I bought him. I know his Uncle Joey would be so proud! So Sweet Home Alabama, where the skies are so blue, Lord I'm coming home to you!

Day Twenty Two!

Day Twenty Two is a picture of something you wish you were better at! Oh Lord! This could be 10,000 pictures! LOL! But I guess one thing I really wish I was better at would be praying. Not that I don't pray and I do pray in my mind a lot, but I wish I was better at actually getting down and praying more often than just going through the motions at night and at church and stuff. I remember a wonderful woman, Sis. Joyce Troglen, and she prayed all the time and would really get over in the hands of the Lord. She was such a precious and inspirational person to me, and I wish that I could put half the effort she put into really praying. I'm sure that it would make me a happier and more humble person!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, and Twenty One!

Yes, I know... I warned I wouldn't get to blog all weekend, so this is making up for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today for the photo challenge!

Day Eighteen: A picture of your biggest insecurity! That would be my horse teeth!!! Their horrid! They take up about 90% of my face!

Day Nineteen: A picture of me when I was little. Well, this is me and Kayla when I was little.. oh wait you meant a kid.. sorry I thought you meant when I used to be skinny! LOL! No pics of me as a kid scanned in, so this is what you get!

Day Twenty: A place I would love to travel. I think I've already blogged about going to Venice before I die, so a place that I would love to travel right now would be a beach somewhere.. anywhere, so here's a pic of the last time I seen those sandy shores!

Day Twenty One: Something you wish you could forget. Unfortunately it would not be very nice of me to put a picture of a person and/or whole situation with someone I would like to forget, so we'll be good and just skip it all together! :)

Easter Bunny Roundup!

Well, contrary to the feelings i had on Saturday night walking around Walmart trying to find some last minute Easter Bunny basket items for the kids and with all the crazies that were doing their last minute shopping too, we actually made it through Easter! Thank goodness I had bought Easter outfits months ago, and shoes and socks and all that good stuff or I really would have been a crazy person too! But we moved all day Friday and Saturday and still have some more stuff to take to storage and get ready for the community yard sales this coming weekend, but I don't even want to think about that. Sunday we decided to take a break from all the moving chaos and just chill! We did manage to get ready that morning with a big thank you to my Dad and LeAnne! I had everything ready, but we could not find in any boxes undershirts for James, Jameson or Joey, so thank you to Dad for James undershirt...Carleigh for Jameson's undershirt and Elijah for Joey's undershirt! Of course they all had to be wearing white and it was a necessity! :) Also, since I couldn't find my camera, there are not many photos that I took with my phone, but I do have some, and am going to have some more of the kids hunting eggs later once sweet sweet April (a.k.a my designated camera girl) uploads hers to Walgreens and send me a link to it! So, thanks to lots of friends and family we did make it through! The boys were hilarious, especially Jameson this year. Mom got him one of those colored bubble guns, and it was the hit of the day to say the least! We got some much needed rest last night and am hoping for a smooth and nice week! Hope everyone else had a very Hoppy Easter too!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday... Wait.. Thursday!

Okay, so I know that it is not Good Friday yet, or officially the Easter weekend, but since we will be moving all day tomorrow, unpacking Saturday, and then of course the crazy Easter Sunday I doubt that I will get a chance to blog about any of it. I just wanted to wish all of our friends a very Happy Easter weekend where the kids don't ruin their outfits before pictures, dinner is super yummy, and everyone finds a peanut butter egg in their Easter baskets! :) So Happy Happy Easter from the Harkins Family! Can't wait to see all the wonderful family and easter egg hunting pictures next week!

Day Seventeen!!!

Day Seventeen is a picture of something that has made a big impact on your life! That would be James. He has definitely made a big impact on my life. He has made me happy, makes me laugh on a daily basis, gave me two beautiful boys, lots of adventures, lots of stress, and if it wasn't for him praying and encouraging I would have probably never received the Holy Ghost. So, James made my #17! And I wanted to post this pic, because I just love it. James was dirty and had just come from work and met me and Jameson down at the park for Jameson to play a couple months before Joey was born because I couldn't lift him and put him on the swing! I just think it was so sweet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Missing That King Size Bed!

So, this is just a really funny thing that James said last night that i just wanted to share! Of course we are having to stay at Mom's since our house is inhabitable.. no new news there, but all of our furniture is still at our house, so we are sleeping in Mom's guest bedroom which has a queen size sleigh bed. The same size bed we have had our whole married life until about a year ago when I upgraded to a king before we had Joey. Well, last night James gets in bed, and we're trying to arrange pillows and he is like, "Ugh, this bed is so little we should have moved our bed first!!!!" I just bust out laughing.. and then he does too when he realizes what he has said! He said, "Well I just don't see how me, you and Jameson all slept in this bed every night. It seems so little now." Of course there is a big difference in the bed to me too, but its so strange how you get used to something and it's hard to go back!

Day Sixteen!!!

Day sixteen is a picture of someone who inspires you! There are several people that inspire me, but one who really does is my Aunt Linda.... a.k.a. Aunt Bimi! Since her oldest grandson (Chase) is just 5 years younger than me, he started calling her Bimi, and that's pretty much all I remember is her being my Aunt Bimi. She is so inspiring because she always seems to look on the brighter side. She has had so many good testimonies through the years and has had to endure so much. I just love her to pieces. This was a picture from a couple years ago at Easter with all her grandkids that were there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Room at a Time

Well, this week will be the longest week of our lives I am afraid, but oh at the progress we have made. The boys rooms had now been painted a beautiful robin eggs blue (just in time for Easter), and all their furniture and clothes have been moved and in place. Jameson ran in last night and gave me a whole run down of every toy, piece of furniture, and even picture in his room. Needless to say, he's a little excited! :) The only thing left to do is to hang some curtains and pictures on the walls. It was just too late last night to attempt the hammering! But for a Monday, after working all day, I would say we were very productive!!! So tonight I hoping to get all the bathroom stuff and toys moved... just trying to take it one room at a time!

Day Fifteen!

Wow... half-way there! Day fifteen is a picture of something you want to do before you die! That would be go to Venice. It's a place that I will probably never be able to afford to go, but it's a dream to get to go there! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Not Meant To Be

So, I am a firm believer that some things are just not meant to be! Obviously, I mean look at my life lately! But I would just like to say that sometimes no matter how hard you try it just doesn't happen. Sunday morning I got up much against my bodies request to stay in bed, and my mind's request to get a lot done that needed to be done, and since it was our regular meeting time and got everything ready and everyone dressed and ready for church and then headed out to the "Branch". Well, being as it was regular meeting it was about 5 til when we pulled up (which is actually good for us) and got Joey out of the vehicle and realized that he had used the bathroom not only all over himself (easy fix.. I'm a mother, of course I had an extra outfit or two for him, but also all down my beautiful white skirt! ...... Yes.... Seriously!!! Due to my utter disappointment, I just got right back into the vehicle and drove right back home! I think I should have went with my gut feeling to just stay in bed that morning! So after hours of work wasted, I ended up right where I was anyways! I was very disappointed that I missed Bro. Jack since I heard he did awesome, and all my other friends that were there I would have loved to have seen.. so if you were there and were like.. Where are the Harkins??? .... That's where we were!

Day Twelve.. Thirteen and Fourteen!

Okay, so crazy weekend means I have some catching up to do!!! So Day Twelve is a picture of something that I love! Obviously... my boys!!! I mean.. who wouldn't?? ;)

Day Thirteen is a picture of your favorite band and/or artist.... Aerosmith... need I say more??? (I wanted to put New Harmony or Long Family on here just for the fun of it, but decided I would be good and serious- heheheeee).

Day Fourteen is a picutre of something you could not imagine your life without. Well that would be the Lord. I guess I can imagine my life without him, but I don't want to.

I don't know how my crazy blogger is going to upload these, but I think you can figure them out!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Eleven

Day eleven is a picture of something you hate! And that would be laundry!!!!!!!! Any and all types of laundry!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day Ten

A picture of the person you do the most messed up stuff with. This would be Val! Because it's hard to not get into silly and crazy stuff with this girl! And this is one horrible picture of me dressed up as Hermoine from HP a couple months after I had Joey, but I couldn't find our cute ones from the beach... so oh well!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?

Well, after some long dragged out drama with an untrustworthy landlord who has made no efforts at fixing numerous problems wrong with the house has now decided to steal money from me and James this week. We are faced with a sad reality that our happy home here is going to have to be no more. The fabulous part of this is that because we get to be the honest people who refuse to pay for another month and give this man any more money ... we are going to be out by the end of this month. That gives me a couple of weeks to get everything packed, ready to go, and moved out with two children! LOL! Thank you Lord that he decided to steal from us at the middle of the month instead of the end giving me even less time to get things together and get out! But everything happens for a reason, so I can only hope that the Lord blesses this man's life and bank accounts so that he does not have to do this from anyone else in the future. So I can only hope for the wonderful things that will come from this new adventure. Of course as wonderful as I am, I am not good enough to find a new place to live, pack, transfer everything, and move in less than two weeks so let me say also thank you Lord for parents who say..."Well you just come stay here until you can find a place, and we'll make it work!" Of course Jameson is beyond excited to be going to live with Granna and Papa and have his bed there, although he's informed us he will be sleeping in Papa's big bed while Papa snores! It's a very bittersweet end to our little piece of life here and I am not looking forward to the actual moving part, but maybe we can squeeze in a yard sale so we don't have to pack quite as much! So if anyone has any boxes they would like to donate to the Harkins Household.. bring em on! Now, I have lots and lots to do, so it's time to get off the Blog and get some things done! Time to make my moving checklist!!!!!

Day Nine

A picture of a person who has got you through the most! This would have an honor bestowed by two people! My parents. They have been encouraging, supportive and great examples who I'm so thankful raised me the way they did!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please Remove The Kick Me Sign From My Back

So this is my negative, non-upbeat, and unhappy post for the year! After a few hard weeks with one thing after another I had one more day today! No sense in going into all the crazy details and boring you guys with my troubles, but I have decided that there must be a sign on my back that says.. Hey, I'm Down... so Kick Me.. Hard!!! If you happen to walk by and see this, please remove it because my back is really hurting at this point! But I'm going to take some pointers from two very wise men..... The first... Bro. Royce Cornelious... who thankfully come a few months back and this has really stuck with me. Probably because I am really bad at doing this, but in his words.. "be joyful in tribulation! It's easy to get up and praise the Lord when everything is going well, but harder when things are not" So, things are not going well, but I am so thankful for everything that is! I'm thankful for a roof over our heads, clothes to wear (even if most are snug.. hehehehe!), food to eat, happy healthy children and their joyous laughter in our home, James who I love so much it even amazes me sometimes, and most of all peace in my home and my soul. I know there was a time in my life where there was not that peaceful feeling when I laid down to sleep and I don't want to forget that. The second... Bro. Matt Long... who if he is anything, is a great encourager for me... and as he reminds us often.. Let everything that hath breathe, praise the Lord, praise ye the Lord!!!! Not only am I thankful for all the good things in my life, but I know I would not have any of it without the Lord! ( Oh, and Ken... if you read this, you don't have to tell him I called him wise or anything! LOL!) So goodnight to all my blogger friends, I will try to be my more upbeat, silly, and giggly (yes - Drear... I am still a giggler... I wonder if I'll ever grow out of that) self tomorrow because I know that this too shall pass!

Day Eight

Day Eight is a picture that makes you laugh.... I think it will speak for itself! Of course the memory of Jameson laughing and saying.."Momma, Daddy's a gurl!! Daddy's a gurl!!" does help!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day Seven

Day seven is your most treasured item. I know this will be corny, but my most treasured item is my bible. I know all the answers that I need will be in it, and if nothing else it is just an encouraging symbol of my faith.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Weekend is Over Already

Cannot believe that we are here! Sunday is over, the weekend is officially over, and it's time to go back to work again in the morning. We have had a marvelous weekend and some great church services today. Also got to spend some time with my long lost friend, Val, tonight. It's been forever since we've even had a conversation and it was nice to catch up, even if it was over dinner at Cracker Barrel with some horrible service!! Still a lot of fun! Now it's time to go to bed and wake up to the dreaded Monday!

Day Six

Day Six is a photo of a person you would love to trade places with for a day. This is really a hard one. There are several people that I would love to be to live their life and their experiences for one day, but I think that I have settled on my one person, and it is....... Dum Dum Da Dummm... My mother!!! LOL I know what your thinking?? Why would you want to be your mother? You're going to be her one day anyways... , but I would love to be my mother because I would love to get paid to stay home with my kids all day! I think it would be a wonderful life that she lives. She gets to come to my house, play with the boys all day long, plus she gets all the little extras like whatever yummy dinner we had the night before equals leftovers for lunch! Of course she also gets the dirty diapers, formula and baby food covered clothes, and not getting to eat any of those meals while they are still hot or not feeding bites to piggy Joey in the process, but I still think it would be grand! This picture of her, dad and Andrew was from Bailey's 2nd Birthday Party. I love it!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lazy Days!

Well today has been one of those fabulous lazy days where you don't get out of your pajamas all day!!! It started out a little rough with a yucky headache, but I was able to get it to ease up pretty quickly and then had quite the productive day. Of course getting the house clean was a main priority and making a dent against my nemesis better known as laundry, but I also managed to get all of our closets cleaned out and winter/summer clothes all switched out with some fabulous help from Mr. James Harkins.. (who yes, actually did not go fishing today.. Miracle... I know!!!). And the most important part of the day... playing with my boys! All in all it was a nice relaxing day and now going to bed with everything done is the best feeling!!! Speaking of... YAWN... time to go to bed! Goodnight all!

Day Five

A Picture of Your Favorite Memory.... This is a hard one. I have so many favorites, especially down through my short years, but I guess my favorite would be the night that I received the Holy Ghost. It was of course the most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life. I don't actually have a picture of that night, but I have a picture of my baptising that is super fuzzy and hard to see, but I didn't really know what else to put on here! It's me right before Bro. James and Bro. Matt "dunked" me and of course, Bro. John Mahatney who got baptised the same day as me.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Four

Day Four is a picture of your night!!! Well, my day has been crazy, but my night is now consisting of watching the end of the Wedding Planner (one of my all time favs) and hopefully soon drifting off to sweet dreams of Matthew McConaughey! So... to make all your nights also... here's a picture of my man! Sweet dreams!!!! ...... oh yeah, I know your smiling!!! The picture's probably the only reason you read the post.......LOL!

Smile For The Camera

Mr. Joey Harkins had his pictures done today at the fabulous Saints Photography Studio in Jones Valley. It was his six months pictures (although, he is presently eight months old... but hey, it's been a rough few months!!!) but he did so good! I was so proud. He wore a cute little colorful Zackali outfit for a little more casual look so that we can coordinate with the one year panel of his older brother. Especially since the two will be hanging beside each other pretty soon! I posted a pic of post-pictures at the house in his outfit, so it's pretty wrinkled at this point, but I still thought it was super cute! We grabbed some early supper at Baumhower's Wings and then a quick trip to Target for Jameson and Joey a little prize! Jameson was looking for a Robin (Batman and Robin) toy, but we were unsuccessful. He settled for a pair of Batman Sunglasses which he has been sporting the rest of the evening! Joey ended up with a little Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt, because I just couldn't resist!!!! After a quick little playtime with Little Ms. Heidi Harkins, we are now back home and about to sign off for the night. Tomorrow will be sleeping in, cleaning and laundry day! Cannot wait!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ichiban Thursday's!

This is just a little thank you to my sweet, fun, hilarious friends that I work with! I know, they don't actually follow my blog, but I am just so thankful that we have our weekly lunch trip to Ichiban's! A time where not only do I get to eat food that is actually still warm and half of it not end up on my clothes, but I also get to vent about whatever and be myself and they love me anyways!!! So thank you Allison Rice, Kelsy Soloman, Allison Lacey, Tammie Stone and Ichiban's for making Thursday's worth getting out of bed for! Love you girls!!!

Day Three

Day Three is a picture of your favorite television show. I have four shows that I watch and love Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, The Office, and my absolute favorite True Blood!!! It's based on my favorite books and I am totally addicted. I'm so glad that it has a different playing schedule than my other shows so in the Fall to Spring i watch the first three, but from June to September my Sunday nights at 9:00 are booked! So if you need something, don't call me!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Two!

Day Two is a picture of Me and the person you have been close with for the longest. That would have to be LeAnne. Which is kind of ironic considering that our childhood we hated each other, but then came along Shannon (and a little maturity on both our parts) and she is now my best friend. I know I could tell her anything good or bad. and if I was being an idiot she would tell me or if I needed help she would be there. We don't talk that much because we both have such crazy lives, but she is truly the closest thing that I have ever had to a sister. This is a really old pictures, but this is one of my favorite ones of us.

Skinny Jenny

Okay, this will not be exciting to anyone else except for me, but I am super pumped. I have finally got motivated to loose not only my "Joey Weight" but also the rest of my "Jameson Weight" and I've really been working hard for the past 3 weeks. Well I weighed Monday and I had lost 11 pounds. I was so excited but couldn't really tell a difference in myself since it's kind of like losing a chair off the deck of the Titanic... but this morning I was so tired of wearing the same ole' same ole' clothes so I decided I would go upstairs and see if there was any of my summer clothes that I had overlooked and might could squeeze into. I had tried most of them on about a month ago and had just left the ones that weren't even feasible up there, but I decided to brave it again! I went upstairs and found a really cute top that I loved that I had bought the summer after I had Jameson before I got preggo with Joey that fall (Yes, that even sounds insane to me.. but this was not a.. hummm how can I mess my body up and make myself crazy and tired all the time plan) But I tried it on, and ....... IT FITS!!!! It did not fit last month, but today it fits, and I am wearing it proudly!!! So this is a little go me this morning. If I could take a picture of myself and post it I soooo would! So my first plateau to going back to Skinny Jenny has been conquered! Yay me!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Start of the 30 Day Photo Challenge

Okay, so we are attempting the 30 day photo challenge. Day one is a picture of yourself and fifteen facts about yourself. This is really a fun one. It is hard to come up with fifteen facts right on the spot though.

1. My name is Jenny Leah Smith Harkins (yes, all four names... I couldn't let go of the maiden name, and hated to drop the middle name although it is technically pronounced Lee not Le-Ah as it would appear... who knows what my mother was thinking?? ) I did finally change my notary to just Jenny S. Harkins though so I don't need two lines to just sign my name anymore!

2. I am married to James Harkins, the dorkiest and most hilarious person ever. He can be completely useless, a big smart aleck, and would rather be fishing than breathing, but I still love him! I don't know why exactly... so don't ask! :)

3. I am Momma to the two cutest boys in the whole wide world ... and NO! That is not a bias opinion.. it is a true fact! They are a handful, but a blast! Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. However two boys in two years IS enough for anyone and anyone who disagrees I'm so glad your not in charge of me! LOL!

4. The most special and most important part of me is the me that happened on June 15, 2006. Almost 5 years ago I received the Holy Ghost late (very late) after almost two hours of praying on one Thursday night during revival at Huntsville Holiness Church the Lord sent me the faith that I needed. I had been laying there praying my heart out and was starting to get discouraged, but I knew I couldn't go on the way that I had and I heard Bro. Shannon Barron (who I didn't know at the time, but had stuck with me and prayed with me all week) say "You can make it". The four most simple words that I had heard 10,000 times before but I thought.. I can make it.. I can make it... and about 60 seconds later... I did! :) And I still believe I can make it today.

5. I suffer from a severe case of OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder doesn't even begin to explain the severity of my condition. James finds this amusing and uses it against me like moving the throw pillows a quarter inch out of whack so that every time I walk through the room I have to re-arrange them or hiding spit bottles all over the house so that I can find them in the refrigerator, flower arrangements, and even pillow cases to name a few. This is one of those things that I do not find funny or endearing, but apparently... he does!

6. I love GREEN!! And not like in a Go Green save the planet kind of way (although I am all for going green). I just love the color green. It is in every room in some form or another in my house. It's a very odd fact I know, but I just happened to look up and see my green pillow and I thought.. .hmm... how else am I going to fill fifteen spots??

7. I am totally, completely and utterly in love with Alexander Skarsgard a.k.a Eric Northman a.k.a. my future husband!!! LOL! It started with a love of the Sookie Stackhouse Series books where I immediately fell in love with Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area 5 in Shreveport, Louisianna, and then it fluttered into the creation of the show based on the books where I no doubt fell in love with Mr. Skarsgard playing my Mr. Northman. I can not wait for the 11th book to come out next month or the Season 4 of the show to premiere this June. I am literally counting down days to both events!

8. I am going to be 25 this year. Although it sounds like such a simple number and not really a big deal it is pretty tragic to me because I am realizing that in 5 years I have went from being a newly wed to being married over 5 years with two children under the age of 2. I don't know if I'm quite prepared to see what's going to happen in the next 5 years.

9. I am a Paralegal at Beard and Beard Attorneys in Guntersville, Alabama. I work for Attorney P.J. Harris. He is the most mild mannered person I have ever met and is so understanding. I thoroughly enjoy working there. Never one time in my 5 1/2 years working for him has he ever raised his voice or said anything mean to me. I am so thankful to have a boss like him.

10. I love love love to read!!! I'm such a nerd. Besides my Sookie Stackhouses I am also a crazy Harry Potter fan and very un-proud to be a Muggle! :) Of course this would only scratch the surface to my reading frenzy but I'm sure there is a limit on how many words can be posted in one blog!

11. I love to sleep!!! Not that I ever get to, but I love it. One of the greatest joys of being pregnant with Jameson was that wonderful exhausting sleep in the first trimester! Of course, I didn't get to enjoy that with my first trimester with Joey since I had a one year old!

12. My I feel bad go to food is Reese's and Coke. I don't know what it is, but it always makes things better! :)

13. My most wonderful stress reliever in the world is Call of Duty on X-box Live. Any version of it will do although Black Ops is quickly becoming a new favorite. There is just something about getting a headshot and hearing that ding!!! :)

14. I love Georgia Bulldogs Football! Of course this is no surprise since I grew up in the Fabulous Hotlanta!, but the Dawgs are the best!!! Even when they are not technically the best. My goal in life is to teach my boys to wear that beautiful red and black proud (especially when they play against their Daddy's favorite Roll Tide! - heheheheheheee!)

15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE living by the lake. It would be fabulous to be right on the lake, but a lake view and just a very short walk down the sidewalk to it is also very fabulous to me! I enjoy being "downtown" (as downtown as the town of Guntersville gets) and so close to the park and everything else. Plus I am only 30 minutes away from Jones Valley and less than 20 minutes away from my fabulous sister in law, Mrs. Heather Harkins, and the coolest niece in the whole wide world, Little Ms. Heidi Bug! Which is so nice to be so close and be able to get together and let the kids play!

So Whew!!! That is sooo harder than it looks, but now that you know a little more about me, hope you are not terrified! LOL! Now..... it is finally time to do my English homework! Blah!!!

Procrastination... procrastination!

So, I am not a procrastinator. Anyone of you who really knows me knows that I can't stand for things to not be done or to just sit around and wait on anything.. I am the girl who just gets in there and does it cause its faster than asking anyone else to do it. So why, oh why am I procrastinating so much on my English Essay. It is due tonight!! Tonight at midnight... Literally just a few hours away and I have done everything but finalize it!!!! I mean, I've facebooked until I can facebook no more. My little Jameson munchkin went to stay with his Granna because he wanted to see Papa and get a "Hatte Meel" a.k.a Happy Meal and Joey is sound asleep after his big dinner. So I have a quiet house, I'm not changing diapers and/or taking toddlers to potty, getting cookies, juice, picking up toys, or doing laundry and yet I'm am still here.... now blogging... my new procrastination!!! Of course since I've started this I do realize that there is a ton of laundry that needs to be done, so I think I might just go and procrastinate some more. Doing laundry instead of writing an essay... you know I'm desperate to avoid this essay!!! So, if any of you have any ideas on what better ways that I can procrastinate before finishing this essay up... please.... let me know! :) I'm open to suggestions! Maybe I'll start the 30 day photo challenge! That would take some time.... Yes, yes I think I will!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Back To The Grindstone

Well, here we are, Monday morning again. We had a great weekend! Friday started off a bit rocky with Joey, but since he was just cutting teeth it turned out good. Saturday was grocery/couponing day. I waited til Saturday so Mom could go with me because a 2 year old, 8 month old, and 100 coupons just goes smoother with a Granna around! But I got some fabulous fabulous deals and my groceries and staples for the next two weeks! With the exception of some milk that will probably need to be bought next week.. but what can I say? I've got a guzzler! Saturday night was the fabulous Birthday Bash for Bro. James and Sis. Linda. It went so well and it was our turn to work in the kitchen and would just like to say a big ole THANK YOU to everyone that is on our day!!! You are all fabulous workers and make it where we can get in there and get out! It makes it so much easier when you have good people that help share the load... especially with a kitchen as big as ours! :) So Sunday needless to say I was exhausted and overslept, but we pushed (and ran around like crazy people) and made it to church anyways, and I'm so thankful that we did since we got two new members! It was a great weekend and I hate that its over, but I hope this coming one will be just as good, just a little less hectic please! Ha! Like that will ever happen!!! And tonight will be major laundry night since none of it got done this weekend. I hope Michael doesn't have a heart attack when he tries to spray for my pest this morning and encounters the "laundry piles of doom"!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

All I Want For April Is My Two Front Teeth

Joey has had one rough week, runny nose, fevers, coughing. I figured it was just crazy allergies from this crazy weather going back and forth, but this morning he woke up so sick. He was getting sick everywhere and wouldn't eat. So unlike our little porker! After some Tylenol and a good passie I was able to investigate and we have two top front teeth breaking through. No wonders he is so sick. It's a lot of work becoming a big boy! So our little Jojo has started the month off with four teeth now... oh at the food he's going to be able to eat now! I'm so glad he is feeling better this afternoon since it is opening day of baseball and James is not to be disturbed nor is the tv allowed to be on Yo Gabba Gabba or Backyardigans while the Red Sox are playing! But in the spirit of the season ahead..... Go Red Soxs!!!!!!.... (but Go Braves more! hehehehehee!)