Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Yes, this is the Harkin's family Christmas tree, and you are correct in noticing that there is not one present that has been wrapped yet!!! It's been one of those seasons for me for sure! Whew! But I hope to get on the wrapping train tonight! Just wanted to wish all my fellow bloggers and blogger readers a Happy Christmas from all of us!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The... The.... The Grinch!!!!

This was our set! That's Who-ville to the the left..
the Grinch cave in the back and Cindy Lou Who's house to the right!
Callie and Cassie Who!

Dad and Mom
The Three Directors!
Me, Lelu, and Carrie
Ms. Savannah Sims
Carleigh and Brenley
Max a.k.a Brady Ragon
Haley & Logan
Our Who Angel... Emily
Rachel Rae Who
Me, Cindy Lou Who and Lelu Who
Me, Natalie and Lelu
Me and Emily
The Who Girls!
Lou Lou Who, Cindy Lou Who, & Betty Lou Who
a.k.a. Cody Rice, Leah Ragon and Anna Grace Higdon
Some of our Whos!
Me and Hannah
Leah and Melissa
Jameson singing his "Batman Bells"

Attempting Christmas Pictures

Okay, so I attempted at getting Christmas pictures of the boys to send out in cards. I thought that after the 500 that I had taken (actually about 300, but still.. ridiculous) that i would have a few to choose from, but no! I did not have ONE of them together where they are both looking at the camera and/or smiling!!! So, this is the closest I've got for pictures!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

The Super Harkins Grandbabies (minus Heidi her was sick! :( )

Clapping because he touched the nutcracker.

Pumpkin Patch 2011

More Beach Pictures

Just a few more little cute ones that I wanted to share....
Jojo trying to get to the water and Jameson making sure his shark tooth is still on his necklace!

Lots of Pictures!!!

Okay.. fair warning! I'm downloading the pictures from my camera since yes... the BEACH in October!!! So, there are lots and lots of pictures to come! So sorry for the 10,000 picture posts that are about to fill your blog list from us!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Play Catch - Up!

Me and The Grinch (a.k.a Mark Long)

So, blogging has become this fabulous thing I would love to get to do and think about doing, but never actually get the time to do.. go figure! However, there have been some pretty crazy things going on in the life of the Harkin's Family in the past couple months!
Of course it's the beginning of the holiday season and all the craziness that comes with that. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun! We watched the parade at home the morning. The boys loved it! Its so much fun to watch them get so excited over all the characters and balloons. We had fried turkey this year for the first time and it was pretty stinking awesome! I was very impressed! I hope all of ya'll had a great Turkey day too!

The whole next week was focused on the play! We got the sets done and everything set up with a lot of help and muscles! :) Thanks to all who lended a helping bicep! And after practice basically every night last week the play went off on Friday. Mark did awesome as our Grinch and the kids rocked being Who's! But I am just so thankful that it is all over!!!!!! And that Carri has one awesome family and sisters who stayed to help us get it all cleaned up! You guys rock!!!!!Jameson who was terrified at first, came around to realize it was just "Unca Mark"!
Joey Trying To Get Away From The Grinch

The rest of our weekend and the rest of the week has been spent moving in our new house! Of course there are boxes everywhere and everything is chaos, so you know how I can't stand it. I really wish I could just be Samantha and twitch my nose and it all be done. Unfortunately, I cannot, so I still have a lot of work ahead of me. However I do have my Christmas Trees up! So I figure that's all that's really important. I mean, who cares if we can't find our underwear in the 10,000 boxes.. there are Christmas Trees!!! Priorities people!!! :) The sad thing is that I didn't even put up my big tree, LeAnne did (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!) But it's up, and that's all that matters!Boys Tree
Chilling in the new crib!

So now between upcoming Christmas gatherings, unpacking boxes, Christmas buying, wrapping and Christmas' itself who knows if I'll blog again, but hopefully! I am going to try to catch up some photos on separate posts from my camera since you all get to see the ones from my phone right now, but this is the general catch up and highlights!