Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Hello All! Apparently I have been following the trend of everyone else which involves being Instagram crazy and not blogging at all! Oh well, here's for trying to blog again! We had a great Labor Day weekend. We kicked it off in Birmingham friday night with Jed (a.k.a. Shed), Becca, and Baby Taylor at the Cheesecake Factory. It was so yummy and so much fun! It was really late and I was exhausted getting home though. I'm so old, and I know it!
Yes, It's red velvet cheesecake!!! Yuuummmmooo!!! :) 

Becca stealing Baby Taylor's juice!
Saturday was our lazy day. I got to craft all day! It was wonderful!!! I made a couple burlap footballs. An Alabama for Dad, and a reversible Alabama/Georgia one for us. I love it! I also decorated for fall and made some fall pillow and cushions for my front porch. We watched some Georgia football then got ready and headed over to Shannon and LeAnne's for a Labor Day cookout. It was a blast. I got to play on the swing set with my kids, then Lizzy, Rebecca, Andrea, and Jacklyn decided to be kids with me and played on the swing set and trampoline. I honestly cannot remember the last time I jumped on the trampoline before that and it was SOOO MUCH FUN!!! I'm ready to go back to Carleigh's to play!

The Bama one
Go Dawgs!
My porch cushions and an adorable little boy!
Monday I did the craziest, funnest, and stupidest thing I've probably ever done. I have been training to run the Color Run in Birmingham, and we went and did it! It was a blast!!! However, due to the horrible pouring down monsoon weather that day we got to run the 5K in the rain with color being thrown on us! I figured we would all have pneumonia by now, but thankfully we have survived! I can't wait until it comes back again!!! Hopefully it won't be raining next time. 

This was when we got in the park.. notice the rain... it didn't let up!
Our after colorful wonderness!
My War Paint picture! Finished in under 40 minutes! :)
And these are just random pictures:
Me and J man waiting in line to drop him off for school
My Silly Little Boys!
Hope you all had a great Labor Day too!