Monday, January 23, 2012

Tick Tock.. TIck Tock

 My sick little boy.
All the toys had to lay in the bed too. It made them feel better! :)

Okay, so I sit here thinking its already been the longest day ever and its only 11! This has been the longest few days for me. So, I had an absest tooth, and started my weekend early because I was off on Friday to go to Gadsden at 7:45 that morning to have a root canal! Fun Fun! I had never had one before but of course I didn't feel anything while it was going on and I come back home, picked up my younguns from Mom's and headed home. The rest of the night was spent at home. My mouth was pretty sore and I just felt yucky from all the pain medicine and antibiotics I was on.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling better and got things cleaned up and laundry done. Was trying to get things ready to go to the funeral home that night and then Joey got sick. Sick, sick, sick!!! The weekend just continued in this pattern.

Thankfully I did not get sick, but Jameson was quite the sick kid last night and I got no sleep. I decided to go in late to work this morning to try to catch up on some rest and the kids seemed to be still just as whiney, but not quite as sick. I called Mom to tell her we would be there in a little bit and lo and behold she is now sick!!!! So, I'm at home for the 4th day a row. I have all the blinds and window open to let in fresh air because everything been lysoled down and there's the 10,000 load in the washer as I type of things that needed to be cleaned but I need some real sunshine. I'm actually looking forward to Joey taking a nap so I can go outside and check the mail!!! I know I'm so sad!

But I am glad that they are not getting sick anymore and that I have not gotten sick, but I am ready to be out of this house!! And I am really ready to not be watching Caillou, Thomas, and/or the Wiggles!!! So here is to a happy and healthy Tuesday that I get to return to work! Hope you all had a much better weekend than me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why? Why? Why? Why? But Why?

So, the word Why has quickly become pretty much all I hear... all the time... about everything!!! Jameson has reached the fabulous age of Why this? Why that? And of course it never ends at that it's always another but why, but why, but why! I found myself last night explaining to him for 30 minutes why you do Valentines presents!!! Yes!! It started out with a simple... "Jameson, what kind of Valentines do you want to send out this year?".... big mistake on my part! Oh well his 10,000 questions games are entertaining sometimes! Sunday night we didn't have church and I know we never go anywhere off. Like literally never go ANYWHERE, but I didn't realize how bad it was until Sunday night. We had went to Susan's cause she had cooked dinner after church and they all convinced James to go to Gunters Mountain that night for church. It was really good and I always enjoy going, but when we pulled up in the parking lot and started to get out Jameson said.."This isn't church." I tried to explain to him that it was Uncle Alton and Aunt Helen and Aunt Suzie's church and we were visiting it tonight instead of our church, and you could see the wheels rolling, but when we got inside he sat down and of course they don't have like real church benches anymore so Jameson is just taking it all in. We get settled and he starts the questions game..... "Why they have these chairs? (they got new ones) Why they got new ones? (cause they re-did their church) Why they redid their church? ........ as you can see this one went on for a while... Why are there two churches? Why do we go to two churches? We not come back? Why do they have a different church? (because they live close to here) Why do they here?..... and it went on and on. Sometime about half way into the church service I gave up and told him to play in the floor! :) Thankfully little Ms. Keely caught his attention, and then after a while of flirting I got.. "What her name?" "Her a gurl?"... and so on and so on.... So, since we never go anywhere, my son thinks that there are only two churches and he never wants to go to the other one again since he can't play under the bench! :) I think the child is going to have to get out some more, but then I dread the questions that come from him learning more! LOL! But I know it is good that he is learning. He is getting excited about starting Pre-school this fall, and I can not believe that he will be starting Pre-school this fall!!! It seems like we just had this little black haired baby that was so little and now he's entertaining me and singing at the top of his lungs every morning on the way to Granna's house! It's crazy!

Joey of course is just as mean as ever! No one believes me until they are really around him for a while because he is so quiet at church and stuff most of the time, but when you see him out and about and around other kids he is mean!!! He's so sneaky and if he thinks something is hurting you or you don't like it, he just runs right up and does it again while grinning at you! I got so used to Jameson as a baby when you said no, he stopped, when you said okay pick up your toys, he picked them up... Joey.. NO! Complete opposite! Jameson picks up the toys then he goes and dumps them again! You tell him no and he just looks at you and does it again, you spank him, and he just looks at you and does it again! I don't know what I'm going to do with him! But he's also the most loving. I can tell he's James child because he thinks being nice after being mean makes up for it! :) However, me and Jameson, the stubborn ones, are just processing how mean they've just been so we're not ready for the niceness yet! LOL! He is growing like crazy though and tries to do everything Jameson does. Jameson sits his drink down somewhere, Joey goes and finds his and moves it right next to Jameson's drink, if Jameson sits down on the couch, Joey has to sit beside him. He is just really his shadow at this point! He's amazed at everything. I love that stage where if he just sees like Cookie Monster on something it just excites him beyond! I don't think he understands having his own room either. He always wants to be in Jameson's and he's amazed at the gigantic life sized Spiderman on the wall. He's tried to bring it down a couple times... which also brings to the fact that he's a climber and a daredevil. He will climb and jump off of anything with no fear!!! And apparently even when it hurts me, it doesn't hurt him, and he wants to try to do it again! I'm afraid we may have several broken bones ahead in our future with little Jojo!

We are all really enjoying the house though and I am loving that they are both sleeping in their beds. They don't always stay all night. Usually between 3-5 a.m. I collect a couple of kids in my bed, but the fact that they sleep in there at all I love! And that they are going to bed at a decent hour, which means that i am is just really a little heaven on earth! The most exciting part and I know you all will think I'm the biggest dork ever, but you probably already think that anyways.. so I'm going to go ahead and say it... Having A Garage!!! Oh my goodness! No where we have lived has ever had one, carports yes, but the difference in a garage in the mornings when its raining or its cold and loading two kids up in the car or unloading groceries.. it's just indescribable just how wonderful it is!!! Especially leaving for church with everyone all dressed and they can just walk out and get in the car! I love it!!! So Hip Hip Hooray for having a garage!!! It rocks!

And yes.. I have to say it.. Roll Tide! They played one awesome game Monday night and I am very proud that they have won their 14th National Championship Game, but above all I am so glad that shut out stinking LSU and whiny Les Miles! :) So Go Bama! Roll Tide!!!! Plus my husband is one happy fellow so I am enjoying that also! He even helped clean the kitchen up last night. I hope I can ride this championship high out for at least the rest of the week!!!!

Well that was one very long blog post, but I think we're all caught up for 2012 on what's happening with the Harkins! I guess its time to get to work although I don't have anything to do so I guess maybe its time to Pintrest! Cause we all know I never get enough time to do that! ;)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

The boys on Christmas Morning.

Getting ready to put out the "Santa Key"

My Blackmail James picture! He picked up my GA cap by mistake and didn't realize it. I love it!

Cookies for Santa

The boy in their Christmas Eve PJ's

Happy New Years to everyone! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We had so much fun over the holidays. I've worked about four hours since the Thursday before Christmas and it has been such a good break. Me and the boys have had so much fun playing and just enjoying being at home togeteher in the new house. I'm excited about a new year! Of course I have my resolutions like everyone, but right now I'm just enjoying the boys playing in the living room and laughing while I sit here and type with Thomas and Friends in the background. The boys had a great Christmas. They got way too much per usual, but they are excited about all of their gifts!

On the Friday before Christmas we had to go to Jones Valley to Saint's and order Joey's pictures. Our appointment wasn't until ten, and I thought it would just be a nice morning to have plenty of time to get there, but then we woke up and got ready and everything was running good, but as I went to get in the car to leave we found that James had took our booster seat for Jameson and I had nothing for him to ride to Huntsville in! So we had a quick frantic trip to Walmart to buy a new seat, and thank goodness that we only live less than 5 miles from Walmart although I was still a nervous wreck the whole way there. But we got a new booster seat and headed to Huntsville and were only 2 minutes late for our appointment, so I didn't sweat it. We headed to Target afterwards to try to get my Christmas groceries, however Joey was not very cooperative so after checking out and getting a caramel apple cider from Starbucks for the road we headed on home. There was no attempt at any more shopping. We did stop for some Zaxby's though which seemed to make them happy!
Christmas Eve night we got in our Christmas Eve Pj's and baked cookies for Santa. After a family effort of eating quite a bit of the cookie dough we suprisingly had enough to bake and got them all ready for Santa on his special plate. Then we hung out "Santa Key" since we don't have a fireplace, we left Santa his special key on the front door so he could get in and bring us gifts. Our house is now full of Veggietales, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Superheroes and Thomas!

So now Joey desperately needs a nap, so its time to get off here and get him to sleep for a bit!