Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jameson Goes To School

Jameson started Pre-K this morning at Albertville Primary School! He was so excited, but a little nervous. I hope after today he will be good though. He went right to his cubbie and put his things up and hung his backpack on his hook. Thank goodness he has the OCD clean and organizing gene from his Momma! :) So I'm sitting here praying and crossing my fingers that he will make it through the day and will be happy to go back tomorrow! 

My Little Pre-K'er

Wanting me to leave so he could talk to the girl named Olivia... I think he wanted to ask her why she wasn't a pig! :) Thank you Nick Jr.!

Too busy looking at the other kids to take a picture

Mrs. Denney (one of his teachers) and him going through the morning procedures