Thursday, March 31, 2011

My "Potty" Boy

How oh how could I post and not mention our greatest achievement of the past two weeks?? We have made the fabulous transaction from that expensive, make your bootee look bigger, and make funny noises when you walk diapers to Big Boy UNDERWEAR!!!! Jameson is FINALLY potty trained. After several attempts, and being potty trained then deciding it wasn't for him (yes, this it he PG version of what went down!) we have now decided that big boys use the potty, and he is a big boy! So ring the bells and bang the drums cause we're celebrating saving that $20+ week!!!! Ooohh... wait... that could mean mama could get a pedicure a week now....... Oh wait, that would mean she would have to have an hour to spend on herself once a week! Huh!!!

Hello Spring... Wait!!! Where Did You Go???

Well a couple weeks ago we were enjoying this beautiful sunny weather. Broke out the short sleeves and the flip flops and packed up the boots and coats, now I'm wishing I had it all unpacked because I am currently FREEZING!!!! Why oh why is Spring teasing me this year?? So since we were sickly and the weather was sickly this past weekend we took the time to get some major laundry done (Yay me!!!) and got some lovely family movie time in! We started the weekend on the Megamind venture... and may I say... It was a lovely one! We LOVE this movie! Jameson is now going through the house saying "Mega Mega Megamind!" It was adorable and hilarious. Definitely an animated film that I can sit through the 10,000 times that he will watch it! Of course we moved onto grown-up movies, and since I haven't got to watch a chick flick in a good 8 months, we went with two chick-flicks! First up to bat was The Switch! It is now an instant favorite. The little child is sooooo my husband (a.k.a Hypochondriac and a little Neurotic) but it was sooo funny! The second up was Eat, Pray, Love. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't just good. It had it's moments, but it was very lengthy, and just couldn't compete with the Switch, but was still a decent movie. We are on the mend and almost done with the week and ready for another weekend now. Hoping this one is a little less germaphobic and little less wet! Other than that we are finally getting everything settled in the new house and loving it! It's so nice to have room where the boys can run and/or crawl around and get some energy out!! And having room for all the toys.. or should I say rooms since their current inventory has gotten way out of hand! Which reminds me, I need to be getting ready for a yard sale!!!!! Anybody need any baby boy stuff cause we are cleaning out??!!!???!!!