Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Gray Hair

Don't they look peaceful?? ... Don't let the picture fool ya!

Okay, so its been forever since I've blogged. Everything has been insane lately and there just hasn't been time. Unfortunately there's nothing of any value to share or blog about. So sorry! You can close the browser now! :)

Except the fact that I've going out of my mind crazy stressed and MY HAIR IS TURNING GRAY!!!!!!! This is not suppose to be happening. I am 25 years old!!! I'm terrified to pull it out because I don't want two more to come in its place, but since my hair is pretty much as dark as coal they are just like shining beacons in the night shining through! And they don't lay like the rest of your hair, their all crazy and look at me!! look at me!!!

So, basically i figure between the upcoming Christmas Play in LESS THAN A MONTH (Someone please remind me why I was so excited about doing it this year??!!??), James root canals, a 3 year old, a 1 year old, bills and broken down cars, the upcoming holidays and craziness that is already coming with it, and all the crazy stress and work at work I really haven't been doing anything except aging! Getting older by the second. I literally can feel my skin wrinkling as I type this!!!!

At this rate I figure I won't be around much longer, so I might as well get in as much blogging as possible! And don't worry if the next time you see me you don't recognize me, I won't take it personally! I'll know that its because I appear to be in my 90's instead of in my 20's!

Of course I have pictures to share, because there's always time to take 10,000 pictures of random things the boys do that I have to share!Aren't they sweet? Holding hands and watching cartoons! Trust me, it didn't last long!
Just chillin' in the pj's.. apparently my children never get dressed!

Joey modeling Jolie's tutu for me while I was making it to make sure I was getting it fluffy enough!!! I know I know.. I've scarred him for life.. Oh well.. Doesn't he look tutu cute?

And on a completely different note... Congratulations to me I have now lost 20 pounds since September! I'm really excited about that! I mean, if I'm going to be old, maybe I won't be old and fat! Although I still have a long way to go! So happy hump day to all of you out there!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tricks & Treats

"UNLEASH THE POWER OF THOR... a.k.a. Jameson"
"The Great Pumpkin Joey"

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!! Jameson really got into it this year and it was much easier with Joey being able to walk and not carrying him around this time. Our Halloweening started on Friday at the big Bonfire Party and Shannon and LeAnne's this year. It was really cold and rainy and Jameson was terrified of some of the costumes (... thanks Andrew and Jacob for being really huge gorillas.... LOL!) so we didn't end up staying that long, but it was still fun! Thankfully Travis dressed up as Green Lantern and became Jameson's hero! Although he was Thor and I'm told the Marvel and DC comic heroes clash.. you wouldn't have known it with those two! :)"More Thor..."
"James and Joey the Pumpkin"

Saturday morning I fixed Halloween cinnamon rolls.. real hard you know, pop the can and put them on the sheet, but the boys loved the rolls with the orange icing. We watched kid friendly Halloween movies. It was a fun day. I got started on some Christmas presents, so that was a lot of fun and progress all at the same time!(Joey and the cinnamon rolls.. he ate 3!)(Pumpkin Balloon Playing)

Last night of course was Trick or Treating time! The boys had a blast and racked up on some candy and all kinds of other stuff. We come home with glowing balloons, coloring books, stickers, and juice boxes! It was a lot of fun. I'm attaching some pictures from my phone, but when I ever download my camera I'll have a lot more and a ton from the pumpkin patch last weekend. So now that Halloween is over I guess its time to put up a Christmas Tree!!! :)