Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On The Side Of The Road

You'll have to forgive my utter and complete frugal ten page blogging happiness about my fabulous find this week, but I literally found a table and 5 chairs on the side of the road with a big Free sign on it during my lunch hour last week. I grabbed it up immediately!!! I could only get 4 chairs in my car no matter how I finagled it, but I called my Aunt Pam and her, Uncle Carlon and Bro. Bill Shirley come in the next few minutes with a big truck to help me load up the table, the other chair, and a coffee table that was also there!! You can kind of see the coffee table up under there in the chaos that is my garage (remember, we've only been in this house 2 1/2 months.. so give me some mercy there). I was so excited. We delivered it to my crazy messy garage and I went back to work with ideas of what to do with it!!!! 
This is the table/chairs piled up in my garage. As you can see the cushions are dirty and outdated for sure!

So after a week of planning and changing my mind a thousand times! Originally I wanted to paint the table white and do each chair a different funky color with a black/white material on the cushions. Then after being told that that would be "too much"... although I'm still not sure I agree with it, but whatever..... I devised the plan of some funky stripe material on the cushions and doing it white. I wanted to paint the table a funky color, but James said no... so sadly.. it was going to be white also! 

Of course.. I had 5 chairs, and I couldn't put 5 chairs around a table because of my OCD... so I planned on 4 for the table and thought I would do something different with the 5th chair! 

I got all my materials and Saturday was painting day. Regardless of the ridiculous wind, I was painting that table and chairs. I went to church Saturday night with a red wind burnt face and white paint I couldn't get completely off of my fingernails, but whatever.. I went, so that's what matters, right? 

This is an up close of the chairs before... As you can tell they were a little worse for the wear..... 

I decided to tackle that extra chair first that wouldn't go with the set. I had some leftover fabric that I had used to make pillows and a framed art thing for my bedroom, so I got it out and used it for the cushion and I painted the wood part of the chair a glossy black and then distressed it. It's going to be my accent chair in my room, and i have to say it's my favorite! Of course I'm all about some black furniture, so that's probably why I am partial! But here is how it turned out.............


I should have taken a picture of it in my room after, but I didn't think about it until I started typing the blog! So sorry, maybe I will think about it and get a picture of it on here. 

After completely giddy with my black chair I decided to work on the dining room chairs. James pretty much took over the painting at this point when he seen how well it turned out and he thought he could do a better job than me! :) I let him have it!!!!! I worked on the cushions for the dining room chairs. 
We did them white with the funky colored stripes.....

I can't get my picture to upload of just the chair... sorry!!! It's sideways, and that bothers me wayyyy too much to put it on here!!!! :)  

But this is what Joey was doing at about this time.......
Bless him Bones! The excitement was just too much for him!
We painted the table white too and let it dry, but when it was done it just lacked the factor that I was going for, so after James seeing that I was capable of pulling it together and that maybe he should trust me... which you would think after almost 7 years of marriage he would understand that by now, but he's a man... what else can I say???..... he thought we should paint it a different color! I didn't want to do green because well, basically everything in my house is green, and I didn't want yellow or red, because I like muted yellow, but I'm not a big sunshine yellow person, or red because i knew it would take 10,000 coats to get it where I wanted it, but we finally agreed on blue. However, when we agreed I'm 99% sure that James was thinking that baby blue stripe in the cushions and not the turquoise one that I was thinking in the cushions. Although I knew this, I didn't say anything and me and Jameson went to Lowe's by ourselves in between church on Sunday to buy the paint... hehehehe! :) I got home and started painting. James helped me do it, much to his reluctant-ness on the brightness of the color, but I had already started and we couldn't take the paint back, so it would just be a waste of money... and game over.. I WON!!! :)

 I left it outside to dry and we went to church and it still needed to dry more when we got home, so it was left out there all night and yesterday evening we brought it in and I quickly put it together so I could take a quick photo but I have lots of tweaking to do about placement. Plus I'm not so sure about my rug and stuff with it, but I can work on all of this.. but this is the after that I'm so proud of!!!!I love how it really brightened up my kitchen/dining area. Oh, and please don't look at dust, windexing that needs to be done or horrible floors, I was excited about the table.. not my cleaning skills last night!

 I ended up spending right at $49.00 on paint and fabric to do all five chairs and the table since my table and chairs were FREE!!! So thank you to the random person on Turnpike Road who decided to throw their "trash" out so that it could be my treasure!!! 

And if your wondering, James was so excited that I got it all done for under $50 that he doesn't care that we have a turquoise table.. in fact.. he even said last night that he really likes it! :) I should have got it recorded though because I know when we have company he'll protest on how much he detest it!

So now I have the coffee table, my Granny's sewing table, and my cedar chest left on my "to make over furniture" to do list. I hope I'm as happy with the after on those as I am this, and if I am.. you know I'm going to blog about it!