Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Visit from Eli & First Haircut

Joey and Elijah Taking a Bath
Well we have had a very eventful March so far! Saturday Elijah come and stayed with us while LeAnne and Pam went to Wicked. We had so much fun. Him and the boys played all day long and watched Scooby Doo. Jameson was so sad when he left late that night because he thought "him was gonna spend the night with me!" :) 

The boys watching Scooby Doo
 Sunday I had had enough will all the comments about Joey's hair so in between church I decided to just cut it myself! This would be my first experience in the hair cutting department so I was a little nervous, but I watched a you tube video on how to do it, and of course I put my, "Well why can't I do it" attitude to James and got me the clippers! I think I did pretty stinking good for my first time although I about started squalling with I cut off that first little curl. It definitely will have to be shaped up by a professional.... (Chad, please be available soon) .... but it got it through the night without anymore "Mullet" and/or "Joe Dirt" comments! 

Of course he wouldn't let me take any good pictures because he is 1 and he's never still, but he did want to wear my flower ... (yes, I'm a little worried)... and let me take a picture of that..... 

Jojo in a hair bow
 Wouldn't he make a pretty little girl??? LOL! :) Blackmail for later in life...
And then I got a blurry picture while he was dancing to Princess and the Frog..... 

Joey Dancing
But he no longer looks like a baby... he's a little boy. It's so sad! Looks like people could have let me enjoy my last baby just a little bit longer, but no.. of course not! 

The funniest part of the whole weekend was going to get Jameson some clothes. He has took a growth spurt in the last week and literally has like nothing that fits. I took him to Children's Place and was trying to get him a few pieces to get him through until summer. He got so mad when I made him try on a pink shirt! He said it was Tarleighs!!! a.k.a Carleigh. :) But I thought he was so handsome in it.. I had to buy it! .....

Jameson in his Girl Shirt
And if you can see well enough.. you will see we had to buy out of the big boys section of the store.. Tear Tear!... An XS, which is still a 4-6, but no longer a 4-5 Toddler size. He's officially a big boy! He has agreed to wear the pink shirt since I let him get the Shark flip flops and he realized Green Lantern would fit in his pocket! Oh boys!!!! 

Other than that, things are about the same. James is still working like crazy so we see him every once in a while, but since its warmer weather and Chase and him are taking the boat out for the first time this Saturday I'm sure it's the start of not seeing him at all! :) Maybe me and Kayla can go shopping!