Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt Pictures 2012

Little Ms. Layla

Zoee who didn't want to take a picture

Hadlee Bug's first hunt!

Jameson showing off his finds

Joey eating the candy he found in an egg

Hadlee huntng

The boys

Notice my children are the only ones not looking!

Got one of them in this one!

Easter 2012 Pictures

Natalie and Josh

Chase and Kayla

The kids drawing on Shannon with sidewalk chalk

Eli hunting eggs

Joey hunting eggs

Bailey and her bubble gun

Jameson and Joey with Granny's basket full of eggs

Aunt Pam and Uncle Carlon

Mawmaw with the kids

Another attempt at a picture for us... still a fail!

Aunt Pam, Uncle Carlon, Carleigh & Eli

Mom and Dad


Easter 2012

Easter 2012
Yes, I know I'm behind per usual, but I figure its better that
I'm posting the holiday in the same month it occurred in!

We had a great Easter though. The boys had their big Easter egg hunt on Saturday with all the kids from church. It was Joey's first year to really hunt eggs and he had a blast. However, he started finding the eggs, opening them, getting the candy out, and throwing the egg halves back down. He did make it exciting for the other kids who were super pumped about just finding half an egg and matching them up with ones that didn't match it! ... Leave it to Joey! :)

Easter morning was good. The boys loved their Easter Bunny treats, and we made it to church with no major stains which could possibly be a first for us on Easter. I was especially worried this year because Joey was wearing all white... ( look familiar Drea.. thank you thank you!!!) ... but it was very dangerous! Jameson however came around to wearing his pink after he seen Chase in his! Thank you Chase!!! He has seriously grown up though. He looks like a little man now and its so depressing!

I've got lots of pictures of the hunt and the day, but I'll do those in a separate post!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Pictures

About to leave for the Smokies!
Here's my picture post! Sorry some of the pictures are sideways.. it's annoying me to death! So if anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know!!! Thanks!

Jameson and Kermit.. It's not easy been green.. or shopping!

Jameson in the Big Red Car!

Jameson in some swing thing in an outdoor store

Forget your car... Granna got me a train!

Joey stopping the ball!

Pops, Jojo and the Bear... another sideways one!
Jojo chillin' in his crib with his homies!

Where are your pants?

Veggietales with Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato

Captain Jameson

Hey, how do you get in there??

The new Juicy!.. Ahhhh!!!

Joey a.k.a. Woody

Jameson in the Penguin Tunnel at Ripley's Aquarium

Jameson chilling in the swing at Pops and Grannas

Ooh.. look at the fishes....

The boys in the penguin tunnel

Can I Have Another Spring Break Please?

Yes.. I just want another week to rest from my Spring Break! Of course it technically lasted over a week anyways. We kicked it off last Thursday at Veggietales Live!! Becky got the boys tickets to go see them, they were at a church in Madison. And yes, I know.. try not to be too jealous, I realize it was the concert of a lifetime... or at least it really was for the boys! They loved it, and it was really cute. I don't have any good pictures from it, but James has some awesome video of them getting out there and dancing! It's was so cute watching all the kids, and who doesn't love Veggietales.. teaching funny songs and bible stories.. Love it! 

We made it home that night only for me to barely get any rest and get up early the next morning and head to the Smokies!!! Since James is working 7 days a week he had to forfeit this trip, but me and the boys recruited Susan and went on our way leaving poor daddy behind to work and make a living so we could go shopping and eat pancakes! Not that he cared, he's not a Smokies fan anyways! He's saving up that vacation for the beach so he can fish!! We had a good trip though. Mom and Dad had rented a 2 bedroom condo so me, the boys and Susan stole the extra room. Of course.. then we had to deal with being in the same place as the crazy Willmon's, Brewer's and Putmans.. but it ended up okay! :) 

The boys had a ton of fun. It was Joey's first trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and he was a big fan! Other than the usual's... Tanger, Pancake Pantry, Arcade, and Aquarium its was just your basic trip. Although Joey did discover the great big marble ball on the streets in Gatlinburg and with Dad's help (just a little of course) he was able to stop it... or so he thought and that was all that mattered. Jameson found a Kermit the Frog in our first few hours there at the Disney store and pretty much didn't turn loose of him the whole time. Thankfully between that and seeing the sharks, it didn't take much to entertain him! We had a great time though! I'm going to try to do a picture post after this one, because it just seems to be easier for me that way!

One fabulous thing did happen on our trip though. Of course, me and LeAnne got robbed the other week before shopping in Huntsville and our purses were stolen, and my one and only Juicy Couture that i had just got for Christmas fell victim to this along with LeAnne's big Juicy purse, all her stuff, my i-pod, Carleigh's i-pod, a couple red box movies I was returning that day, among many other things, but it was depressing still. However, things happen and it stunk very much, but what can you do. My silver lining however was that Mom and Dad bought me a new fabulous big one that's pink/brown for the summer as a early birthday present. I'm so excited! Since I haven't carried a purse in so long and had only diaper bags and have just recently transitioned back into purses that Juicy I got for Christmas was pretty much all I had in the purse department so to have a new one again.. I'm super pumped! And it's just so pretty!!!!

My boss and his family were in Jamaica for their Spring Break.. the rich little brats ;) ..... so I got to have some days off and easy short days even when I was there. I got all my spring cleaning done and cleaned out the garage and am now ready for my yard sale that will be happening next weekend after Easter. I also with all this fabulous time made it through the Hunger Games trilogy which I am so in love with, and if you haven't read them... stop reading this and READ THEM NOW!! They are great! I've started a new Nicholas Sparks now, but its really not filling the void for me of course with Sparks there's always something good to come, so I'm sure I'll be sucked in real soon. I hope I can keep myself busy with other books though until May when my new Sookie Stackhouse will come out though.

So, now I have to get back to reality and realize it's just a normal old work week again and a Monday of all things. But I'm excited about the upcoming Easter holiday and the egg hunt on Saturday I know will be fun this year with both of my boys old enough to really enjoy it!