Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 Family Beach Trip - Day Two & Three

Okay Okay.. I know ya'll are tired of seeing my posts, but I know if I wait until I get back I will never remember what we did and when... so here we go..

Day Two:

It rained..... there was thunder.... there was lightning... there was a cleared up few moments in which we braved the pool, but then had to run back into the house when the thundering started back up. We ate some Sea N Suds and laughed at the people as they frantically ran in from the beach grabbing the umbrellas, sand toys and chairs before they all got blown away and felt sorry for the people whose actual things flew away. However Jameson thought that the sharks would save some of the belongings that people lost in the ocean. I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise! So it was pretty much our lazy day. We did some shopping, some napping, and some cartoon watching. It was pretty fun even if it was raining.

Day Three:

The boys woke up early ... of course... and after some fabulous toaster strudels and chocolate milk made by yours truly!! Yes.. I know your quite impressed with my culinary skills! We got ready for the beach and went down and played in the sand. The boys chased the waves and Joey chased the birds which he thought was quite hilarious. After me and Jameson started turning brown and Joey was starting to turn pink we come back for naps and macaroni! We headed back out and went for a dip in the cement pond. We headed to Lulu's this afternoon for supper! My fav for sure!!! I had fingers crossed and was hoping Jimmy was going to show for a set but sadly he did not.. oh well.. maybe tomorrow! ;) Of course the food they give you is enough for 10 people so I have some wonderful leftovers for tomorrow!!!

So... to be continued.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beach Pictures - Part One of 10,000

The Sand Sea Turtle!

Ready to Go to the Beach!

Follow the Leader!

I found a sea shell!

Walking on the beach with Daddy

He thought he was getting sea shells by picking up big wads of sand!

2011 Family Beach Trip - Day One

So we left out at 4:30 yesterday morning heading to the beach. The boys did 10,000 times better than I thought they would. We were SOOO thankful!!! We got here about lunch time. Unloaded the car and unpacked everything. (OCD me had to get everything done!) Then we heed out to grab us some grub and run to Target to get our beach needs! After all our errands were done and the fridge and pantry were stocked we headed to the beach!!

It was so much fun. Joey was hilarious the first time he put his feet in the sand! He loved it. They both love the waves, but don't want to really get in it. Me and Jameson built a sand turtle and a sand batman cave! :) I thought it was a castle but I was quickly informed otherwise! After our time in the sand we headed to the pool for a swim. It didn't last long because Joey was pretty wore out so we headed back to the house and just kind of chilled last night. We were all pretty tired!!

Of course PJ's beach house is even more awesome than I remember! It feels a little massive that were only occupying two of the bedrooms, but its really nice! Jameson and Joey claimed the kids room of course and Jameson is loving sleeping on the top bunk! Him and his Green Lantern pillow have loved it! :)

We got up this morning and went for a beach stroll. It was really beautiful. The clouds were starting to roll in though. Today is the only day for the next week that there is a chance of thunderstorms, so this may be our rainy day in.. but even rainy days aren't bad at the beach! At least since its going to be the only one that is! LOL!

So life is fab! I downloaded the pictures I've took so far so I'm going to upload those of course. Sorry in advance for all the posts, but we're so excited to be on vacation!!! And sorry Shelb! If you want you can ride down and hang out with us!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow... I Love Ya Tomorrow!!!!

Cause your only a day away!!!! Yes.. I am belting this out loud because in like less than 20 hours I will be on my way to the beach!!!!!! Unless I decide just to head down tonight... hehehehee! :) I'm so excited! Got a ton of stuff to do here at work to get ready to be gone for a week, but just wanted to share a bit of my excitement with all my Blogger Friends!!!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What We've Been Up To Lately.....

Like Father Like Son!!!
The funniest part about this picture is that he got up on the couch and covered himself up with his Elmo quilt.. of course his favorite.. and even had his play remote (a.k.a. an old remote we took the batteries out of that looks like the real one so he won't have a little fit when we don't give him that one). I think there is no denying he is James child!!!
Jameson wanted me to make a pallet for him and Joey to sleep on! Obviously they weren't really sleeping, but they really do love a pallet!

You can't hide good fashion sense even at one!
My little girl! :) He loves shoes.. mine, James, Jameson's... whoever he can get a hold of. But him walking in high heels is hilarious! He actually does it quite well!
Joey sleeping.. yes I know I take so many pictures of my children sleeping, but its such rare occasions it's worth documenting! LOL! Oh, and Drea... already getting use of those clothes.. Thanks!!!!
Jameson fell asleep last night at the foot of our bed. Joey wanted to lay beside him and after I set my alarm and plugged up my cell phone to charge I looked back over and this was them both asleep! What a fabulous site! :)

So this is pretty much it! Not much going on. Getting ready for the beach.. starting on the Christmas play this week... and just all the normal stuff, but just wanted to share some pictures of my cutie patooties!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Worry.. Be Happy!

So today is just pretty horrible! It's a Monday first of all, I mean.. does it get much worse??, but its also been ten years today since I heard my brothers laugh. And yes I know, I know, a morbid and sad post is not anything that you want to read from me, and I'll do my totally depressing one and then delete to save you all the agony of listening to my whining, but it is just kind of surreal that it has been ten years. Although some times is seems much longer, other times is seems like it was just yesterday.

I remember the first year that the 9-19 date rolled around. I was in Decatur with Pam and Chad, he was doing some kind of training out there and we had went to Cracker Barrell to eat. I didn't realize I was dealing so badly, but I guess it was showing and I was walking around the little store part of Cracker Barrell by myself when a guy come up to me and said "Smile! Things surely can't be that bad.." I remember putting whatever was in my hand down and turning back to look at him trying to smile and he was gone. It was really weird at the time, but I've always thought about that when this day rolls around. I mean of course things could be so much worse and since my brother was not one to be sad or anything of that sort I figure the best way to remember him is just to be happy! Thankfully although I'm missing him so bad my body is actually aching today I also have so many good and happy memories that I'm sure I can flood my brain with them and take away any sadness. So.. my memory lane...

That mischievous little half grin from one side of his mouth showing those adorable dimples when you knew he was up to no good!

That stupid rebel flag hat with the fish hook on the front!

Those bear hugs.. like the kind that made you want to hit him because he paralyzed your arms and dug his arms into your back bone all at the same time!

The bursting into song and dance at any time and any place! And I literally mean.. ANY PLACE!!! I still remember him spurting out Steve Miller Band on the subway in New York and then taking requests and one fabulous Yankee on his way to work on Monday morning and not quite so amused by Joey's jolliness that early in the morning (little did he know he just got on the today show and was on a high) requested that he "Shut Up!" :)

Being frost bit because my brother.. in February... decides to drive all the way to Murfreesboro to Aunt Pam's with the tee tops down on his camaro. Since the fabulous Matthew Lindeman made the trip with us, I was of course in the back seat freezing to death since all the wind was hitting me and not them. I showed up at Aunt Pam's with actual icicles in my hair!!!! Literally.. no exaggeration!!!! Purple face and icicles in my hair!!!

Getting the daily calls on his way home from work of what he wanted to eat so that I could get started on it! The little brat!

Meat lovers thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut... I know this is a really stupid one, but he loved them and its really crazy the things you think of when you think of someone! He always said it was fabulous because it was basically meat, cheese and sauce on a cracker!!!

Okay.. so since it is Monday I do need to get to work and not reminisce so much!
But here's to you Joey.. I miss you bunches and as Rae and Dar Dar would say.. I love you so big!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Has It Been Six Years Already??

So today marks my six years at the fabulous B&B! It's very surreal to me that I'm old enough to have been employed anywhere for six years! But when I think of everything that has happened to me in the past six years, it seems like it should have really been a longer time than that!

Six years ago I was a very anxious and nervous girl starting a new job, changing my whole world two weeks before I was going to get married to get this dream job doing what I had always wanted to do. Granted when I was little I thought that I would be researching law and being a paralegal in downtown Atlanta with my loft apartment and could walk to Starbucks every morning and grab my caffeine fix before work, but Guntersville, Alabama is about the same, right? LOL! I can still remember the little black with green trim suit that I wore on my first day. So cute, size 4 so of course I might could get a leg in it if I was lucky and had some Crisco! So, I had one picture of me in the suit, although you can't see it that well, I had to post it. And yes, I know its short and my hairs chopped off although messy, but remember these are before the HG pictures! :)

But wow at everything that has happened since! Married, got the Holy Ghost, had Jameson, moved twice, had Joey, moved twice again!!! and so on and so on! Its been a crazy six years, but I'm so glad that I've been here at B&B and had a wonderful boss like PJ who's been so understanding through everything including two maternity leaves in less than two years! :) And who thinks the perfect reward for my six years is another week at his beach house! Which is my favorite kind of present indeed!
Have I mentioned I will be at the beach in 13 days now?!?! LOL! Yes, I am a bit excited! But since we had a Joey last year instead of a vacay, this one is long overdue!

So here's to another hopefully wonderful, busy, money making six years at Beard and Beard! Happy Anniversary to me!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day Zoo Pictures

The Zoo pictures from my camera!!! Finally downloaded! This was the boys in front of the Kangaroo country fence. I loved it!
Duh... Elephant! ;)
Joey when he seen the elephants!
And more elephants!

Jameson the Lion
James and the Boys before leaving the zoo!
Jameson before going into the zoo!
Joey walking around with Daddy!
The Flamingos
The Giraffes
Lioness (lion cubs were up there too, but I couldn't get a good picture of them)
The Marty's a.k.a. Zebras! :)
Sleeping Tiger
?? Don't know what these things are. Look like overgrown rats!

Joey's Birthday Pictures - Part Three & The Last!

Okay, so I finally downloaded the pictures from my camera of his birthday. Here are some really cute ones I had to share!
The Yo Gabba Gabba Cake
The only picture of him with the birthday hat on!
Silly Travis trying to wear the birthday hat!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

19 DAYS!!!!!

(Little Jameson on his first beach trip)

Yes, its 19 days until we head out to the beautiful white sandy beach and gorgeous blue ocean!!! I can't wait. It's been a rough week at work and especially a rough day, so the "clicking in" that its only 19 days until our first vacation in two years is really helping me get through it! I'm so excited. I just have to upload some pictures of the last time we went to the beach (or anywhere) a couple years ago. How things have changed!!!!I know... way too close up!
How cute is he???And how cute is he?? (notice Val getting onto Chloe in the background! LOL)Obviously.. towards the end of the trip!Like father, like son!Our little family... then!One last shot with Daddy before leavingOne last shot with Momma before leaving!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Elephants....Oh My!

Jameson loving his new Zebra (Marty) toy from the Zoo!

Joey Eating.... Surprise.. Surprise!

I hope all of your had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We kick started ours off on Saturday with a fun filled day at the Birmingham Zoo! We got there around lunch time on Saturday and Jameson and Joey both loved it! Joey's face when he saw the elephants was priceless! They were so close though. We also got to see the new baby lion cubs that made their debut this weekend. They have a contest going to enter a name to be considered for one of the cubs. Jameson's entry name was Thor! You knew it would be a superhero name.. right?? Although I do think Thor might be a cute little name for a Lion. After a couple hours there and seeing all the alligators, kangaroos, birds, snakes, and monkeys we could handle we headed on over to the Summit to get in a late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory!!! I know there is no need to even say that this was fabulous because it's declared in the name its self, but it was... FABULOUS!! We did a little bit of shopping around the Summit and then headed on home.

Marty's Picture.. Jameson thought he should get one too!

The Georgia game was about all I expected it to be, but not all I hoped it will be. So, maybe we will have better luck next week against South Carolina.. and Roll Tide!
Congrats on the win over Kent State... I know it was such a shocker!

The weekend was bittersweet with the news of Sis. Vera Shirley passing away. She was a precious precious woman, and I know she will be greatly missed. I'm very thankful that she is not laying and suffering anymore. I hope the rain will clear up enough today for her family to be able to bury her.

The rain has however put us into an instant fall here in Guntersville. I even opted for some pantyhose and closed toe shoes today because the 50's temperature when I was leaving the house today was more than my bare legs and feet could stand! Although I am very much in the Fall Welcome mode... I am still excited that it is now only 21 DAYS until we leave for the beach!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

I'm going to try to upload the Zoo pictures from my camera tonight so I'm sure that will flood my blogger tomorrow!