Monday, November 29, 2010

Gobble Gobble

We made it through Thanksgiving!!!! Still an amazement to me, but Georgia beat Tech... and we won't mention the iron bowl (or at least not around James..... please!!!!), but the holiday is over! It was great fun. We gathered at Mom's house for the turkey and all the trimmings on Elijah and Joey's first Thanksgiving. Of course Joey enjoyed his Enfamil supper, but Elijah stuffed up on all the good stuff! The little porker!

Jameson has decided that he is spiderman and is now even shooting webs in his sleep... I kid you not! I woke up the other night to feed Joey and he was laying there in MY bed (of course because his is just for decoration purposes apparently) and was shooting webs and grinning in his sleep... thinking we should have named him Peter Parker!

Joey is growing like a weed and getting chunky all over! He is four months old today and I believe is getting his first tooth! He now enjoys playing in his exersaucer and laying on a pallet staring at the big ol' christmas tree!

Now all the Christmas shopping is done and the Halls of the house are Decked!!! We are ready for Santa at the Harkins' house! Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday too!