Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!

What do we do? We swim swim swim... 

Yes, now that Dorie is in your head for the rest of the day (You are welcome)....

Getting Ready to Go To Swimming Lessons
Jameson and Bailey started swimming lessons this week and that is all we have done is swim swim swim it feels like. My days have been marathons between working, rushing home, getting J-man, taking him to swim, and then taking him home and going to bed! But he had his first week show last night and he did great. Jumping off the diving board and doing the backstroke. Of course the backstroke is his favorite so he doesn't have to get his face wet... only my child! :) We have one more week and then he should be an official swimmer! He has been having a blast, but I am very ready for this to be over! :) 
Jameson very anxious

Bailey.. a little nervous at that point
After one day in obviously, the hair was an issue.. in the eyes.. everywhere.. and I have been contemplating buzzing it for the summer and letting it grow back out before revival..
Well.. I took the plunge and finally did it.. It's took some getting used to, 
but I definitely prefer the long hair! :) Thank goodness it will grow back!

Right After We Cut It

Getting Ready for His "Show Night"

My view from the pool house.. holding my breath the whole time. I really shouldn't stay and watch!

Although Jameson loves it because he feels like a peach! 
Before leaving for "Show Night"

And what is a post lately without a sideways pic? Jameson is the one in the neon short by the diving board waiting to get started!

Showing off his backstroke!

Since we have spent all our time and energy on this, nothing else has been happening.. however I will leave you with this picture of my little cross dresser son..... Isn't he cute???

I love it! The boy loves shoes, mine, James, Jameson's, his! He even wants to sleep in them!
So, that's all I got. Just remember...... ha ha ha ha ha ha i love to swim when,
when you come just swim swim swim. ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Six Years

Yes, it has been six years ago today that the Lord gave me the Holy Ghost! It's hard to believe that it has been that long, but I am so thankful that the Lord was so mindful to give me the Holy Ghost. 

I had this picture of my baptizing on my computer. It's kind of blurry, but I love it because the look on my face reflects completely how I felt. Happy, content and peaceful. So Happy Birthday to me, and here's to many many more!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

Warning, I am beyond exhausted and anything typed in this post should not be held against me! Rambling, saying the same thing ten times, and just complete craziness is very likely to occur! 

But we have had a fun few days. Friday was crazy and getting ready for Jameson's birthday party, but thankfully Mom and Dad took Jameson out to eat and shopping to pick out his present so it was much easier weeding out my flower beds and trying to get our house and yard acceptable for company with just one child, and Saturday was the actual party. The kids had so much fun playing outside and getting people with the water balloons and of course eating Avengers Birthday Cake!!! I was already tired before the party started, so then I was really tired when it was over. We got it cleaned up and got ready for church and then went to Michael and "That Girl's... a.k.a. Andrea's" house. We were there until like 11, so again.. exhaustion!!! 

The B-Day Cake
Jameson in his Captain America undies! He had to match his party down to his underwear! :)
On Sunday after church we picked up Susan in Grant and headed to Huntsville to take Jameson to Toys R Us to pick out his bday present! He had a blast... of course! He ended up getting 4 Ultimate Ben 10 Aliens because the 12 that Mom and Dad had gotten him on Friday night obviously were not enough! He wanted Olive Garden for his birthday dinner out, and we weren't upset with that at all.. yum! My child has such good taste! ;) We then went to CVS trying to get wisp toothbrushes, mouthwash, gum, and Listerine strips to get the Olive Garden stank off of us.. I'm sure none of it worked, and then headed to Plevna for Church. Matt was starting revival out there. It was the first time I had ever been, but I really enjoyed it. Turns out I'm related to the entire church.. no surprise there.. hello.. Holman's!, but  church was good and one received the Holy Ghost. It is a long way out there though! Goodness! Josh and Natalie hitched a ride on the way home and we had a lot of fun. Being deliriously tired makes for fun times! 
Jameson has so much fun with Susan!

Of course.. sideways.. stupid blogger!!! - Jameson at Olive Garden chomping on some breadsticks!

Thankfully I was off yesterday for Jameson's actual birthday (and yes.. I am aware that we celebrated all weekend!!! he is ridiculously spoiled.. I'm working on this! ;) )Of course, Jameson's birthday is also Mom's birthday, so we took her out to eat for lunch and spent some time with her then went home and got ready and went to Huntsville to church last night. Jameson was a little upset that he had to go to Church on his birthday, but I told him he would get to see Heidi and that perked him up! :) Church was good again, and another got the Holy Ghost while we were there, so it's been nice seeing two the last two nights! I was a little disappointed because i really thought there were going to be more last night, but I'm hoping for really good news this week! I hope we can make it back out there sometime this week. Yesterday was the opportune time though, not having to work made it easy to get out there in time, but this morning I was really regretting the trip! 

So I think if I can stay awake until 12, I'm going to take a little snooze on my lunch.