Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricks and Treats

Of course it's the day after Halloween, and we're exhausted and sharing all the costume pics. My kids were too excited about trick or treating to get good pics of them in their costumes, but I got a couple try's..... 
Trying to get a pic....

Ben 10 Jameson
Spiderman Joey (who didn't want to take a picture, just wanted to rock!)

Of course we've had a ton of festivities leading up to the big trick or treating night, here's some pics from different things this month! 

One night before church I attempted getting some pictures of the boys after I had decorated with my mums and pumpkins... this was the best I could get! :) 

Then carving pumpkins with Daddy:

Jameson's happy face Jack-o-lantern

Joey's Mickey Mouse Pumpkin! ;)
And Jameson had fall festival at school! It was a lot of fun. He had a blast! 
Vampire Jameson

Jameson and his friend Jakari
So now all the festivals of fright are over and its time for Turkey and Christmas trees! I'm not in the Christmas spirit at all, but I'm hoping after a little Christmas Village time this weekend I'll be ready to switch the decor to the red and greens! Hope you all had a great, safe and fun Halloween too!!!!

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